Ideas are currency.

Our job it to bridge from business concept to the market place in a compelling, inspired and dynamic way. 

Simplicity, clarity and magic working together to move the world around you.


Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.






Scott Morgan is an award winning creative director, designer, artist, writer, photographer and film maker based in Toronto, Vancouver, British Columbia and Los Angeles, California. 

Scott has had a highly successful advertising and commercial film and photographic career and became one of the foremost photographers in the United States, executing commissions for clients around the world. He has helped create award-winning campaigns for Nike, Levi’s, IBM, Shiseido, Microsoft,  Reebok, Apple, Microsoft, and Nissan to name a few. He established a reputation for his ability to translate the complex, often intangible, product traits of his clients into visually arresting and memorable visual icons and design solutions by integrating his market understanding and insatiable curiosity.

In addition, Scott has written and directed feature and documentary films and television commercials.

Now Scott has a complete communication practice that focuses all of his disciplines, creative direction, design, photography and film direction to help companies and organizations, both large and small, to create compelling conceptual and visual solutions across multiple platforms.